Thursday, May 2, 2013

Constitution Song

(I'm no poet, obviously, but my niece and I worked this out for a Government class, and I liked it well enough to post it.  Some of the rhymes are bumpy, and of course the references to current government figures will mean nothing in ten years.  But here it is.)

Hail the Constitution

(to be sung or recited to the beat of “Yankee Doodle”)

In Washington there is a group
Of pols we call the Congress
They write our laws and pass the bills
That fix our federal messes.


Hail, oh Hail, the Constitution
Congressman will use it,
Boehner, Biden, but watch out!
Obama yet must sign it.

A new law may be introduced
In either house of Congress,
And starts upon its longish trail,
In subcommittee darkness.

If they approve, the subcommittee,
Pass to full committee
And go a-voting yes or no
The excitement makes us giddy!

Now each House of Congress must
Debate the pending measure,
Then take a vote that’s based upon
Its wisdom, need, or treasure.

Ohio’s Boehner pushes laws
As Speaker of the House
Or lets them languish in a drawer
Or stuffs them in his blouse.

If Veep Joe Biden’s out of town,
Pat Leahy takes his job
As President pro-tem he rules
The Senate and its mob.

House and Senate must agree
To pass the proffered law.
If debates and votes are yes,
Its given to Obama.
If President Obama likes
The bill, he then can sign it.
But if he thinks if won’t do good
His veto pen will kill it.

This president has yet to use
A veto on a bill
Unlike some other presidents;
G. Cleveland loved to kill!

If signed the bill becomes a law
And then, for worse or better,
The Republic must abide by it
(Unless the Courts think better!)

So this is how our laws are made .
You’d better not forget it!
‘Cause if you do you’ll get an F
And then be thought a nitwit!

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